Sunday, May 6, 2012

For the kids...

When starting a new design project I typically start with a search for inspiration.  I have two spaces on order that need to be kid friendly spaces, with tons of storage.  Being a mother of two small children myself I have a good grasp on the requirements of a playroom.  In my search I found these great kiddie inspiration spaces!

What kid does not love a tent??  a great idea for a sleepover

As my readers already know I have obsession with stripes and the rug in this room adds great interest 

Do they make this dress in my size???

I was recently approached to design a commercial space with a treehouse theme... 
WOW what a great inspiration space this is!

When ever possible I love to save a buck. 
This easy to do pallet sofa is a great DIY project for any room.  

Sometimes classic is perfect with primary colors and great built ins, this is an easy to change and update as the children grow.  A great little library playroom

I could not pass up posting these marshmallows on a stick add some 
sprinkles and you have an instant colorful snack or party favor for the kids

This room has a classic elegance to it but still colorful and kid friendly

Another great treehouse hideaway for a small space


I could not get over how cute this was! 

Chalkboards are great for playrooms it is like a never ending piece of paper and chalk is washable... 
no more writing on the walls.  This one is painted on with chalkboard paint and now the make a magnetic chalkboard paint too!

Great floor to ceiling colorful storage

 Kids love to see their art on the walls and these are great ways to display it.

bold prints always look great in a playroom

Casual, inexpensive, functional and beautiful

this ikea storage is inexpensive and it looks amazing

 Creative and interesting to look at storage solutions

Simple, comfortable and colorful... a great playroom

A swing in the house, I am 30 years old and I still want one!

I love the carpet pathways and tire swing