Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Black House

When I first moved to Wellesley myself and my other half renovated and lived in a 600 square foot barn like house in his grandmothers backyard. We later bought the property and renovated what we now call the "Front House"

While this sounds extravagant it is not, is it kind of like turning your detached garage into a house. For ease we now refer to is at the "Back House"

When we renovated the back house I was pregnant with our first child and in a hurry to get things done made a huge paint mistake... I ran to the store picked a color and called it done.

All I can say is when I returned home to see the house painted a gross tan I cried! No lie at did cry and begged to change it but because it was almost all done my husband refused.

Well it is 6 years later and I still hate it!!!!! Bit of advice always and I mean always take the time to sample colors in the space you plan to use it because different lights and shadows can completely change the color, especially if you pick a color in a store and plan to use it outside.

Now that we have settled in the front house and I have had time to think, I want to paint the back house some shade of black. Black has been my obsession for interiors for a while I have even convinced a few clients to paint some of their spaces black... and they loved it!

So I have decided I am moving my obsession outdoors. I can't wait for spring I have a client who is considering a black exterior and my back house will definitely be some shade of black.