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POSTED: APRIL 10, 2012

Two years ago Frank (my other half) and I bought his grandmother's house.  His family has owned the house for almost 100 years.  His grandfather's family owned the house originally and after his grandparents married they lived here.  Eventually Frank's grandparents purchased the house and raised their children here.  Frank's mother has shared so many wonderful memories of growing up in the house and now our children will grow up here too.

The house was an adorable little cape in need of a major overhaul.  We gutted the house and added a master suite.  Frank is a master electrician and we're both pretty handy, so we did most of the work ourselves.  Even though we saved a ton of money in the end doing the house DIY the funds ran short.  We moved into our almost finished house last year.  Now that summer is coming we are motivated to finish up.  This is my favorite part of the project the finishes and interior decorating.   Here are some photos of the house before we did anything.

Check back for pics of the addition in progress and final exterior photos. 
And follow me as I complete and reveal our home one room at a time!

POSTED: APRIL 21, 2011

This is a picture of the renovation and addition in progress.  We removed the roof on the main portion of the house to raise the slated ceiling in the kids bathroom.  When Frank and I lived with his grandmother here there was no shower in the entire house it was tubby only home.  Let me just say Frank did not fit well in the small claw-foot tub.

The left side of the house was originally the sun porch.  It is now our dining room and the foundation for our master suite.  

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